The ANZCA corporate collection is, in many ways, an unlikely collection of objects. They have been gifted to the college for a number of reasons, by a range of people, and speak strongly about the relationship between the college and the donor.

Among the collection are silver goblets, wine decanters, pewter plates and unusual figurines. They have been gifted as signifiers of new professional relationships, or as mementos of long established ones.

One of the more unusual objects gifted to college was a spoken word and movement performance. Dr Steuart Henderson and Mrs Honor Henderson, gifted this performance to the college as Dr Henderson retired from 12 years of serving on the ANZCA Council.

In this incredible piece, called Dancing on the Fault Line, choreographer and performer Michael Parmenter, reveals a very personal and moving story for the ANZCA audience.

The sound and picture quality aren’t as good as they could be, it was recorded on a small hand held camera on the night. But, the performance is riveting.

Michael Parmenter, MNZM, is a leading New Zealand choreographer whose name is synonymous with bold and innovative contemporary dance. He has created some of the most challenging and exciting theatrical works presented in New Zealand. Dancing on the Fault Line is based on Parmenter’s larger work, A Long Undressing, and was presented to the college at ANZCA House in 2004.