A lot’s happened in the last few months and jigsaws seem to be the activity of the moment. According to social media, everybody’s doing them. So, the Geoffrey Kaye Museum thought it was time to get on board the jigsaw bandwagon.

We searched the collection for some great images that could be turned into online jigsaws. Found a site that does the hard work (actually turning the image into a jigsaw) and posted them on social media.

In case you missed them, here they are, along with an image so you know what they’re going to look like when they’re finished. Click the link and jigsaw to your heart’s content.


We began with an old black and white image of a Killian apparatus.








We followed up with Geoffrey Kaye administering ether via open drop method.








Here’s a Boyle’s anaesthetic machine beside a trolley full of anaesthetic equipment, circa 1970







And, here’s Rupert Hornabrook, early Australian anaesthetist, in self-experimentation mode.

And, finally, Rupert Hornabook (again) having a giggle with the nurse (whose name wasn’t recorded!) after the experiment had been stopped.

To see other objects and images in the collection, you can check out the museum’s page on Victorian Collections, an online collection management system.