Exordium - Reginald Abbot Lewis

Name: Reginald Abbot Lewis

MBBS – University of Melbourne (1936)
DA – University of Sydney (1947)

Date of Birth: 28 December 1912
Date of Death: 18 August 1997

Reginald Abbot Lewis is a significant Tasmanian figure in the early Faculty and Australian Society of Anaesthetists. Born in Victoria on December 28, 1912, Lewis graduated from medicine at the University of Melbourne in 1936. After graduation, Lewis transferred and remained in Tasmania. He was appointed to the Launceston General Hospital until World War II. During the War he served in the Australian Army in Darwin and New Guinea. On returning to Tasmania in 1947, Lewis became the first specialist anaesthetist in the state. His dedication to the work saw Lewis continue practicing anaesthetics until the age of 77. He is remembered for his contributions to thoracic anaesthesia.


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